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Painting a perfect likeness is not easy for most artists, myself included, but I wanted to express ideas about the human condition through figurative images, so I took a giant leap of faith and just started doing portraiture about fifteen years ago. First family and friends, then some commissions, and in between, some more fantasy-like compositions that might be categorized as "Visionary" art...
Here are the more traditional portraits; click on each image to see entire painting:
Visionary Art
"Visionary Art" is " that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes..." (Wikipedia).  

 In my portraiture, above, as well as my more obviously magical/mystically-themed figurative paintings here below, I attempt to evoke the hidden underpinnings / symbolic or metaphorical "meaning" of my subject matter.

Here are my more "Visionary" figurative images in a series I call  "Bindings, Visitations, Blessings, and Bounty"... 
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