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2014 - 2020  (Images of paintings are below)


Over the years, I’ve hiked many of the trails around the Verde Valley, the Valley of the Sun, and other places in Arizona and the Southwest, slowly developing my research photography for paintings into a very personal statement.  Up close, there are natural “gardens” of rocks and trees and natural debris that invite me in.  I love the feeling of being in the presence of rocky caves and arroyos, with all the natural forms and textures surrounding me.  First experimenting with taking close-up shots of the landscape, I began abstracting my photo compositions at home on the computer, cropping them, exaggerating the colors, textures and lighting.  Transferring these images to canvas, I knew I wanted the end product to be as physically exciting as the original experience.  After experimenting on several paintings, using different gel mediums for surface texture and dimension, I settled on pumice gel for the rocky textures I so love.  Also, having been a sculptor for much of the earlier part of my career, I began to crave even more dimension and realistic texture in my compositions, so I started building up the substrate of the canvases with layers of cut foam and even sometimes adding rocks and twigs and branches to the surface…  Thus, my very original 3-D Relief Landstracts were born.  Their physical presence feels almost alive, dominating their space, and begging to be touched!

These highly textured, slightly abstracted, bas-relief acrylic and mixed media paintings below are mounted on museum quality gallery wrap canvas framing and painted on all four sides. Please contact the artist directly if interested in purchasing one of these highly original pieces!  Click on each image to see entire painting and details: 


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